3 Dangerous Habits you must Avoid to Succeed

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habits you must avoid to succeed
3 Dangerous Habits you must Avoid to Succeed 2

We want you to know this fact: SUCCESS and FAILURE are in your power. You have control over them and can decide which one will manifest in your life.

If you desire to succeed at anything, you must fight and deal with the following three habits:

This is postponing tasks that you would have done right now to an undefined future date. Here is the problem, many tasks that you postpone end up dragging for too long and most of the time never get done.

Time is limited and if there is something important that you must do to succeed, then you must do it now.

Even when there is no possibility to do it right at this minute, set a specific date and time and hold yourself accountable until the task is completed.

You might have wanted to learn a skill like Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Coding, etc, but procrastination is holding you back from starting. Always remember, NOW is the best time.

2. FEAR:
Fear has various dimensions ranging from fear of failure, rejection, fear of success, fear of harm and death, fear of the unknown, etc.

The truth is, you attract more of what you fear, and it is the greatest tool that you adversary can use against you.

You must build an attitude of courage to be able to try things that you have never done, accomplish tasks and reach your goals.

One of the most repetitive statements in the Holy Bible is: FEAR NOT. This is because God knows how destructive fear is.

However, when exercising courage, you need to apply wisdom. Courage without wisdom can also be dangerous. While being as courageous as you can, apply wisdom.

To reach your goals, you must defeat fear.

A great man said: indecision is a decision. When you have two or more options at hand, what do you do?

For most people, they will overthink about them and never decide on what to do. The truth is, you will always have two or more options, all of which are good.

Indecision can arise when you are to decide which business opportunity is best, which software to use, which business to go into, which dress to wear, which company to work with, etc.

You must learn to decide on anything you want to do and get right straight to work to accomplish your goals.

There might be some risks deciding on the wrong choice but trying and failing is better than not trying at all, because that is what will lead you to success.

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By Wilson Njofie 

Njofie Wilson

Njofie Wilson is an award-winning Digital Expert, whose passion is empowering others with high-income digital skills. He has international experience in several countries.He specializes in web development with over 10 years of experience, but equally has mastery and experience in other tech areas.Because of his impact, he won the award as Cameroon's Best Digital Entrepreneur 2020, by the Bonteh Digital Media Awards and Best Impact Tech Promoter by Cameroon Heroes Awards.He is here to guide you and help you make your dream a reality.