Do Computer Skills Affect Worker Promotion and Leadership Role?

You may already have a job, and probably believe you are comfortable. But, do you know that with basic to average computer skills, you stand the best chance to gain a promotion and leadership position on your job site?

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Do Computer Skills Affect Worker Promotion and Leadership Role?

This was not the case five to ten years ago. But today, the world and work patterns are evolving, and many people are losing their jobs or being demoted in the process – the majority being those who have not been able to match up with the required computer and IT skills.

This is one of the highest job security factors that I find a whole lot of people still minimizing, or not giving enough attention to.

If you have basic computer skills, you open yourself to many opportunities. One is getting a promotion to a higher position within your workplace.

Being computer literate will allow you to work on more challenging projects or tasks.

Even if you’re still an entry-level employee, having the necessary skills can help you achieve specific goals.

Being a high school, university, or professional graduate with computer skills in your back pocket will help you get a better job more quickly than you would if you didn’t have those skills. This is a FACT!

If you have a firm knowledge of how to use and operate computers, you could be put in a leadership position. And in that role, you could be teaching others how to use computers or certain computer programs.

With all these in mind, you may probably be asking yourself, “Where do I start from, or where do I go from here?”

I have good news for you!

Afritech Academy is offering a tuition-free computer literacy program that will help you advance in your career, education, job, or business in this digital age.

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