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Saturday 13-August-2022, at 5 PM

Why should I not miss this life-transformational event?

Most African graduates and youths are jobless and struggle to make a living.
The unemployment level among youths is at its highest level.
And research has proven that the cause of this is the bad career choices most students make, leaving them with no opportunities after graduation.
Unfortunately, our educational system and governments are not helping issues, but rather making them worse.
Through this online conference, we are bringing other top successful experts who will guide you on how to choose the right career path which will guarantee job opportunities after your studies.
And if you have graduated already, you will get orientation on how to follow a career path that will give you employment in the next six months or less.
Experts will equally be available on the panel to talk about international study and work opportunities and how to easily get them.
We are in the digital age and there will be experts to equally guide you to get into high-paying digital careers.
You will leave this conference with downloadable materials including: Top professional universities, how to get admission into foreign universities, how to get work nationally and internationally, how to start and develop a digital career, and a lot more.
To sum it all up, this online event will completely transform your life and change your story.
Do not delay any further, grab your spot now before all seats are taken.

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We have sourced the top experts in various fields to share their expertise with you and guide to the top.

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Meet our host!

Hello, I am Njofie Wilson, your host.

Njofie Wilson is one of Cameroon’s renowned digital experts whose leadership in the digital space has helped businesses generate millions of FCFA. He has led his team to equally train more than 10 000 people in Africa, USA and Europe with diverse digital skills. He was ranked as Cameroon’s Best Digital Entrepreneur 2020 by Bonteh Digital Media Awards, and Best Impact Tech Promoter by Cameroon Heroes Awards 2020. He is Founder & CEO of two digital Companies: Faithworks Tech and Afritech Academy. He currently mentors hundreds of African youths in Web Design/Development, Graphic Design, among others.

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