There are quite a number of ways you can make money as a web designer.

Besides working on web projects as a freelancer and making huge money (especially when you work harder to become a top expert), there are several other ways a web designer can make money.

Before we get into the details of this, it is important to note here that learning web design does not only mean acquiring skills to be hired as an employee.

If you wish to operate or function as an employee, cool. But with bigger ambitions, you could open your own web design agency, where you will have the potential to expand the agency to include other related industry branches like digital marketing services, copywriting, etc.

Below are a few other ways web designers make money:

Work for a company or enterprise as a webmaster or web maintenance officer.

In this case, a company will hire you to run the services of their website like updates, receiving and processing data from website visitors, optimizing web pages, adding new content to match the company’s marketing needs, etc.

You can work for a web design agency on agreed terms.

This is mostly through web design agencies hiring designers to work on projects, usually paid at an hourly rate.

You could equally start a blog.

After acquiring more skills, you can decide to engage in web design content-related blogging. This way, you will not only attract people with the rich content to your blog, but equally enjoy the benefits associated with it, like doing affiliate marketing, promoting other businesses and earning a commission, Google Ads, etc.

Since web design also requires graphic design skills,

It is also possible you could earn money by designing logos, posters, flyers, brochures, etc.

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