5 Ways to Get Rid of Distractions While Studying Online

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Social Media Distraction

Are you having trouble concentrating on online based learning?

It’s easy to get distracted and check your social media during online classes. You do not suffer this alone.

If you’ve fallen into the habit of constantly browsing social media and news sites when you should be paying attention to your lecturer, here are 6 tips that will help you get back on track.

1. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Distractions are different from person to person. What may help one person tune out distractions may actually be a distraction to someone else. For instance, some students may like to listen to music while they write or read to help drown out distractions in their surroundings.

But what may be a tool to aid focus for some may cause a distraction for others. It’s easy to get absorbed in the words of a song or the compelling melodies of instrumental music. Students may find themselves singing along when they should be reading. The first step in stopping distractions is identifying them.

2. Set time limits and goals before rewarding yourself with an activity

The internet has good and bad effects, but presents a high possibility of disrupting learning. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Set up the desired time limit for studying and other Internet interactions respectively. Make a chain of starting to study for some time and then awarding a 10-minute break to use other stuff and then back to studying.
  • Accomplish your targets before taking steps towards fun activities. Try to complete work before treating yourself with other activities as it would not lead to distraction.

3. Location

The online classroom can be absolutely anywhere you have access to the internet! This opens so many doors for students to attend a quality university even if they don’t live near one or can’t relocate. But, there are many potential risks for distraction when you do your work in an uncontrolled environment. Set aside a dedicated study area, even if it’s the cleared kitchen or dining room table. Sitting on the couch may be tempting, but it can often be filled with distractions like TV and others sharing the living space. Knowing the potential distractions that may enter your workspace will help you counter them before they come. If no one is home or you don’t share your living space with anyone, the couch may be a comfortable place to do work, but consider sitting as straight as you can or even sitting on a different side of the couch to do classwork than you sit on to watch tv or do other leisure activities.

4. Close any Social Media sites and Apps. Now.

It may seem like a no brainer, but have you actually tried it?

Once you close any social media sites you have open on your phone or desktop computer, trust us, you can’t get distracted by them anymore. When it’s time to join that Zoom classroom or follow a lesson online, everything related to social or other non-study related media should be closed and your attention should be towards your lecturer only.

5. Turn off all Notifications

Most of the distractions we experience online come from notifications. Each time we have a new notification from social media or any other site, we are usually tempted to see what it is or who messaged. But setting a goal can help you avoid that. Not just that, you have to put your phone or computer in silent mode throughout the period you are engaged in online studies. It is simple as you just need to press your volume button down till it shows silent.

Education is so important and it should be treated as an important part of your life. A little forethought and preparation to prevent distractions can go a long way in securing your success as an online student.

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