How To Stay Relevant And Get A Good High Paying Job/Business In The 21st Century

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Njofie Wilson at Kigali Airport
How To Stay Relevant And Get A Good High Paying Job/Business In The 21st Century 2

Before then 19th century, most of the work done in various industries was using the hand and so many laborers were needed to carry out various tasks.

However, with the industrial Revolution, work that was previously done by hand was now done by machines. As a result of this, most people needed not just only to know how to do work but they needed to learn how to manipulate machines that were now doing work.

However in the 21st century, another wave of change occurred in the job market. Task that were previously done by humans in controlling machines is now automated with computers. This means that many humans are no longer needed to control machines and manufacturing systems.

Rather, digital and artificial intelligence systems are used to control various manufacturing machines and processes, reducing the needs of many people in the manufacturing process.

This has disrupted the job market once more, as many people have no option than to fire most of the employees as they are no longer needed. And this is the reason why more and more graduates are finding it very difficult to get jobs because instead of new jobs being created, the existing ones at first disappearing because of automation.

Despite this, there is a glimpse of hope and a massive opportunity for those who want to upgrade their skill sets to meet the 21st century realities.

Those who will have sustainable jobs in the 21st century are those who have digital skills. Their role is to create digital systems used in manufacturing processes or to control computer systems that are used in controlling manufacturing machines and systems.

And that is why it is very important for everyone in this current century to learn ICT skills as they are becoming indispensable in every area of human endeavor.

As if what has already happened in the early 21st century is not enough, a new wave of Technology driven by 5G is fast approaching which focus is more on artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, data science, 3D graphics and animations, computer programming and more.

A case study is self-driving cars. It is estimated that within the next 10 years, most cars on the roads will be self-driving, removing the necessity of drivers.

It is therefore very important that you not only follow the traditional education system, but rather follow trends that are taking the world by storm by learning and equipping yourself with digital skills that will matter in this century.


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