Is it Possible to Make Money on the Internet?

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how to make genuine money on the internet
Is it Possible to Make Money on the Internet? 2

In the 1990s, the internet become so popular and several people started companies around the internet. Many people thought it was impossible but these companies believed in themselves and kept moving.

Today, these companies have become multi-billion dollar companies around the world. We think of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, etc. In the top 10 billionaires list of the world, around 7 of them are directly into the internet business.

These companies have created services that thousands to millions of people around the world use and inturn through advertising, purchases, and paid subscriptions have generated billions of dollars in revenue.

When some people hear about making money on the internet, they wonder if such a thing can ever be possible. Worst of all, some of them think that to make money online, you need to engage in scams and manipulations.

It is true that some people have used the power of the internet to exploit others of their hard-earned resources, but these are just a few bad seeds in the farm.

There are a lot of ways that internet entrepreneurs make their money such as:
– Offering services in exchange for money such as graphic design, web design, digital marketing, consulting, teaching, coaching, etc.
– Developing software or apps and selling on one-time payments or subscription basis.
– Running a blog or Youtube channel and monetising with advertising or affiliate marketing.
– Selling physical products in online stores.
– Writing and selling ebooks,

These are just a few ways to make money on the internet. So you see, making huge amounts of money through the power of the internet is easier now than has ever been.

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By Wilson Njofie

Njofie Wilson

Njofie Wilson is an award-winning Digital Expert, whose passion is empowering others with high-income digital skills. He has international experience in several countries. He specializes in web development with over 10 years of experience, but equally has mastery and experience in other tech areas. Because of his impact, he won the award as Cameroon's Best Digital Entrepreneur 2020, by the Bonteh Digital Media Awards and Best Impact Tech Promoter by Cameroon Heroes Awards. He is here to guide you and help you make your dream a reality.