Graphic Design With Mobile Phone

Create eye-catching social media graphics, logos, flyers, business cards, and more, all using your smartphone. Learn a skill that can pay you an extra 150k+/month.

Course Instructor:  Njofie Wilson

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Course Description

Turn your phone into a powerful design studio! Our Graphic Design with Mobile Phone course brings out the creativity in you.

Acquire a skill that is indemand and start earning in just a few days, all the knowledge and strategies revealed in this 100% online training course.

Learn from our industry experts as you explore top mobile apps and tools to craft stunning visuals on the go. Master graphics creation, photo editing, typography, and layout using  your smartphone.

Go beyond basic edits: create eye-catching social media graphics, logos, flyers, and more. Discover effective design principles for impactful storytelling.

This beginner-friendly course empowers you to build a design portfolio and showcase your unique style, no matter where you are, all using your smartphone!

Course Instructor

Njofie Wilson

Njofie Wilson

Njofie Wilson is an award-winning Digital Expert, whose passion is empowering others with high-income digital skills. He has international experience in several countries. He specializes in web development with over 10 years of experience, but equally has mastery and experience in other tech areas. Because of his impact, he won the award as Cameroon's Best Digital Entrepreneur 2020, by the Bonteh Digital Media Awards and Best Impact Tech Promoter by Cameroon Heroes Awards. He is here to guide you and help you make your dream a reality.

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Peter Kamau
Posted 2 days ago
using mobile phone

its simple and very easy to use

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