Why do you need to Learn Digital Technology Skills?

working with computers 2
Why do you need to Learn Digital Technology Skills? 3

Before the 19th century, most things were produced with the hand, be it clothes, manufacturing, transport, banking, agriculture, etc.

However, with the Industrial Revolution, all things done by hands were made by machines. Many people lost their jobs because their handwork was less efficient than machines.

Therefore, to remain relevant during the industrial revolution, you needed effective knowledge of handling machines.

By the 21st century, another revolution occurred, now known as the Digital Revolution. In this revolution, machines are made to operate machines and machines are made to function without humans.

Working with computers
Why do you need to Learn Digital Technology Skills? 4

This revolution is rendering many people jobless as their machine knowledge is becoming irrelevant as a result of automation with computers.

In the digital age, those who have great jobs and careers are those who know how to develop or use digital tools and computer systems.

That is why you need to spend much of your time learning digital skills including General ICT Proficiency, Coding, Graphic Design, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Project Management, Video Editing, Animations, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Hardware Engineering, Hardware Maintenance, Database Administration, Network Management and Security, etc.

Those without any of the above skills will have very little relevance in the 21st century and will therefore resolve to low paying unskilled jobs.

If you want to stay relevant in your current career or build a new profitable career, then you must equally learn the digital skills that truly matter today.

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Njofie Wilson

Njofie Wilson is an award-winning Digital Expert, whose passion is empowering others with high-income digital skills. He has international experience in several countries.He specializes in web development with over 10 years of experience, but equally has mastery and experience in other tech areas.Because of his impact, he won the award as Cameroon's Best Digital Entrepreneur 2020, by the Bonteh Digital Media Awards and Best Impact Tech Promoter by Cameroon Heroes Awards.He is here to guide you and help you make your dream a reality.

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