Why You Cannot Do Without ICT Skills

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Why you cannot do without ICT skills
Why You Cannot Do Without ICT Skills 2

While ICT skills are highly paid and in high demand, learning such skills is not only for the purpose of making money with the skill.

As digitalization takes the world by storm, all aspects of work require some application of ICT skills, be it in teaching, banking, telecommunication, pharmacy, medicine, business management, governance, etc.

Most jobs now require at least some basic ICT skills such as office, file management, among others.

To capture what I am saying here, just visualize the last time you walked into an office and didn’t find at least one computer. So you get the point.

Whether in manufacturing, packaging, or marketing, all the key stages of work will require some automation with the computer.

The computer can be used for information processing, sharing and storage, communication or entire production control and automation.

ICT skills have recently become one of the key factors to getting a job or being rejected. Many companies promote people based on their ICT proficiency.

No one will want to promote you to a top managerial role when you cannot use the computer to automate management of personnel and processes.

The computer is fast and more efficient than any manual method that you can think of. This is why most companies and governments are adopting the use of the computer for work.

You might say that your work does not require ICT skills. Well, you are right if your role is something like a cleaner, security guard, cook, or any kind of work like that.

But if you want to move to the higher ranks in any company, you better be ICT literate.

For the very reason that ICT skills are indispensable in this digital age, my team and I have worked tirelessly over the years to build some of the most advanced online learning systems that you can find today.

They are Afritech Academy and Winners Tech Institute

Afritech Academy is 100% free. It’s run as a non-profit organization.

It is a great place for you to learn ICT literacy skills.

To check out various courses on this platform, visit the following link

Winners Tech Institute is a professional online training platform.

If you want to learn high paying digital technology skills that are in high demand in the job market and business world, then visit the following link

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