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If you have ever dreamt of having a passport in Cameroon, then right now is the best time to get it.

In this tutorial, we shall show you how to apply for a Cameroon passport online.

With the new biometric system, you will be able to apply for a biometric passport online after going through this tutorial.

You can now get your passport through an easy procedure, just investing a reasonable amount of money, with no middlemen.

I will show you right away in this complete step-by-step guide.

  • Visit the official passport website at

Once the website opens, make sure to select your preferred language using the switching icon at the top header.

You will equally find a button on the menu that says “START YOUR PRE-ENROLMENT”. Click on it and a page will open for you to enter your phone number.

welcome page enter phone number
Welcome page enrolment
  • Once you enter your phone number, you will receive a code that you can enter into the given field to continue.
enter phone number how to apply online cameroon passport 1
Enter your phone number
  • After you enter tour phone number, a verification code will be sent to it. You will need to enter the veification code sent to your phone number in the box provided on the website, and click on Following.
login page how to apply for online cameroon passport
  • After that, you will start to by filling your general (type of request, intended destination and reasons for travel. Put the one that suits you) information. Fill all the spaces as indicated below:
general information how to apply online cameroon passport
  • The next page will be for you to fill in your personal information. Provide all the information carefully as in your birth certificate or ID card.
personal information how to apply for online cameroon passport
Personal information form
  • The next step will be for you to enter your parents’ information. Do that carefully, as in your ID card or birth certificate.
enter parental information how to apply for online cameroon passport
Parental information
  • After providing the names of your parents, you will click on Following and proceed to enter your ID card details. You will need to choose whether your ID card is the old format or the new one.
Id card infomation how to apply for online cameroon passport
ID card Information
  • When all the inforation is entered and confirmd, you will proceed tp payment. You will pay 110,000 FCFA on the website through Orange Money, MTN Mobile MoneyVisa Card or any other available payment option that is suitable to you. Once you choose your payment method, you will enter your mobile money number and confirm on Payment. A prompt will appear in your phone where you will enter your mobile money secret code and validate to complete the transaction. Wait few seconds for the transation to complete.
mtn and orange money
MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money
  • After payment, the next stage will be for you to select the place where you will go for physical enrolment. Remember to select the right region and city where you will make your passport, as well as the right date and time when you will be available to visit the center.
make an appointment how to apply for online cameroon passport
Select day, date, and time for physical enrolment

Once you select the date and place, click To confirm.

  • Proceed to download the receipt and print it.
download receipt how to apply for online cameroon passport
Download your receipt
  • Also, go to the police commissariat and certify your ID card and to the DO’s Office/Council to certify your birth certificate.
  • Put the three documents (Receipt, Certified ID card and birth certificate) into a folder and take them along to the physical enrolment center you selected during online pre-enrollment.
  • After your physical enrolment, it usually about a week for your passport to be out. A message is sent to inform you.

If you don’t understand anything along the process, let me know and I will be glad to assist you.

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I wish you the best.

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